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DDW021 // Flashlight O “The Truman Sho” (CS)

Let me just say, there are a lot of homies out there, but none quite like Colin Alexander. His friendship is something I hold close, and his tunes continue to inspire and groove me. "The Truman Sho" comes as Colin’s Flashlight O debut, a 10-song full length cassette that Mike and I have anxiously awaited since we first agreed to release it in 2013. The album pulls its musical influence from artists like Karl Blau & Calvin Johnson, constantly searching for “the perfect groove”. Sometimes layering fun and funny lyricism, the songs hit home in just the right way, not unlike his writing for previous project, SPOOK HOUSES. Anyway, get siced! I know I am.

"The Truman Sho" will be released June 3rd, 2014 on DDW. More info & track streams coming soon.

Colin’s solo thang!


Witching Hour |Spook Houses (x)

we’re a gif


New Year’s Eve at David Blaine’s The Steakhouse
December 31st, 2013


Played this great show on NYE and the people agree that we are a great band that is widely liked and filled with attractive funny people (not pictured). Keep an eye out for a couple shows this spring!


check out this sweet ass spook houses shirt my brother got me for my birthday

SH tshirts popping up all over dog


making a tape is hard. i just wanna spill the beans all the time.

hi guys! i made this song for my new music project trace mountains. i’m making a full length and so far i have 6 songs recorded and a couple in the vault. keep an eye out for it, i’ll probably be releasing it through my label, DDW. colin also is working on things as flashlight o. that stuff is really good. i want him to put out a tape on DDW, we’ll see if he does. ;D

<3 david


Our friends in the band Please just dropped their debut EP! It seriously rips! Produced by Nick Corbo of LVL UP! Do I hear some Mouthbreather Fuzz in there??

Nick produced this EP! It sounds crazy!

Why no shows in October???

ya, i dunno! we’re playing this NYE party in Brooklyn December 31st, gonna be pretty crazy.

Why are you called SPOOK HOUSES, if it's ok to ask?

I honestly have no idea. I think we thought the name was kinda goofy and fun. Colin’s birthday is Halloween, and we were really into ghosts at the time.

You guys are amazing