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what are some of yalls favorite bands?

Mount Eerie, Karl Blau, Calvin Johnson, Pavement, and My Bloody Valentine as the hold steadys. Recently been listening to a lot of Alex G, Generifus, Frankie Cosmos, Peaking Lights, Jake Sachs Mishalanie, Francis Bebey, Krill, and Na Hawa Doumbia.

Can you guys play philly soon?

Maybe one day soon ! Alkis lives there now.

are you guys ever gonna make more shirts with the original design? mine recently got torn to shreds in a freak accident....

Nothin in the works at the moment — sorry!

you guys rule

check out Trace Mountains, Evil Band, and Flashlight O to hear Dave, Alkis, and Colin’s new stuff 2. Nick and Dave are always rocking in LVL UP as well!

Any way of getting ahold of the chords used in Try Pt. 1 / Pt. 2?

The chords for that song start at E major, move the root note (6th string) up to fret 2 while keeping the rest of the chord, then go up to a funny chord that is root note A (6th string 5th fret, 5th string 4th fret, 4th string 6th fret). Do it again but with an A major before that last chord and that’s when vocals start. I think those are the only chords in the song.

Will you restock the Mollie T-shirt in Medium ? : O THANK YOU.

I should have ordered more when we did the press, i’m not sure we’ll be repressing any until this run sells out :(

i love you :*


Hey guys, I bought your vinyl the other day. Used my paypal under the name Justin Moffitt. It'd be great if yall would send me a download. Love the music, keep it up.

digital tracks are free on bandcamp!

are you guys going to be pressing any more runs of "trying"?

Trying is still in stock at both EVIL WEEVIL and our bandcamp page! 


In case you missed it, Flashlight O has a GROOVY AS HELL new song! Proud to present “Happy Baby Pose”! Read the review that popped up on AdHoc yesterday.

Flashlight O’s new track! Hop on over to AdHoc or check it out right here.